Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

After a serious personal injury, it is not fair for you to have to suffer through a major legal battle, as well. Sullivan and Sullivan LLP will fight for you and make sure you get a chance at fair compensation. Contact us for a free case evaluation. We will provide a translator if you need one.

If you suspect medical malpractice is responsible for your current health problems or those of a family member, you can trust Sullivan and Sullivan LLP to investigate, develop and establish a claim to help right the medical wrongs that have occurred.

Medical malpractice, also known as medical negligence, can occur in several ways. In some cases, it is the failure to diagnose an illness. In others, it is the improper treatment of one’s disease, whether through prescription drug errors and issues, or mistakes made during surgery. It can also be by delaying treatment for an unnecessarily long amount of time, which can result in the patient’s worsening illness or death. Medical malpractice suits can be leveled against all licensed health professionals, including mental health providers, doctors, and counselors.

Technically, any time a healthcare professional treats a person, there is a risk of medical malpractice. However, some types are more common than others.

– Misdiagnosis. When a condition is misdiagnosed, the wrong medication might be prescribed, and this can cause harm.

– Delayed diagnosis. When healthcare professionals do not identify a condition or illness promptly, the patient can suffer severe consequences. The longer one goes without proper treatment, the more an ailment can progress or worsen.

– Birth injuries. Several complications can arise during childbirth, and the healthcare professionals in the room need to be skilled enough to deal with them appropriately. They may incorrectly perform procedures or delay treatment, creating severe consequences for both mother and baby.

– Medication errors. The wrong medication can be prescribed, or the correct medication may never be given. Medication can also be improperly administered, or an incorrect dosage can be given.

– Surgical errors. Many things can go wrong during surgery, including errors on the surgeon’s part. Equipment may be left in a body cavity, organs or blood vessels may be punctured, or the wrong body part may be operated on.

– Anesthesia errors. Too much, too little, or using a type of anesthesia the patient is allergic to can all have adverse effects.

When a hospital or healthcare team fails to properly treat a medical condition and accidentally causes or aggravates a patient’s injury, they may be liable for the damages caused by their medical malpractice.

Proving that a doctor, hospital, or medical staff is at fault for medical malpractice requires extensive research and expert testimony. The medical malpractice team at Sullivan and Sullivan LLP has the resources to handle your claim and hire experts to review your specific situation.

We handle cases involving:
– Birth-related injuries
– Misdiagnosis and delay in diagnosis
– Emergency room errors
– Hospital errors
– Surgical errors
– Nursing home accidents
– So-called “never events.”

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