Defective Drugs and Products

Defective Drugs/Products

When you suffer a serious personal injury, it’s not fair to have to suffer through a legal battle as well. Sullivan and Sullivan LLP will fight for you, as we do for all our clients. As an example, our client, a 57-year-old man, was given the wrong medication at his pharmacy which was mislabeled and incorrectly filled, causing him to have Grand Mal seizures. We fought for fair compensation and won $375,000 on his behalf. If you would like us to fight for you, contact Sullivan and Sullivan LLP for a free case evaluation. We will provide a translator if you need one.

Large, high-profile drug manufacturers often put profits over safety. Whether through negligence or intentional acts, they introduce drugs into the marketplace that are harmful and deadly. In many cases, the defect is not discovered until someone has been seriously injured or has died.

The attorneys of Sullivan and Sullivan LLP work tirelessly on behalf of our clients to obtain the maximum compensation for their injuries. Our litigation team handles all types of cases involving defective drugs and products.

Drugs and medical devices must gain approval from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to be sold in the U.S. However, approval does not guarantee a drug or medical device is safe. A defect in the product, incomplete labeling, or inadequate warnings can cause physical, psychological, or emotional injury. The manufacturer, not the FDA, is responsible for ensuring that its label is updated to protect the public safety.

Sullivan and Sullivan LLP is committed to holding drug and device makers and marketers accountable for the harm they cause. We strive to help innocent victims harmed by defective drugs and defective medical devices obtain the justice that they deserve.

We are committed to helping you rebuild your life. Our firm’s attorneys will take every measure possible to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. We are available to consult with your doctors so we can understand the extent of your medical conditions for which the medication was prescribed. Part of our focus includes working with vocational experts to learn if your injuries have threatened your ability to return to the workforce or even decreased your wage-earning capacity. We develop strong defective-drug claims focused on securing maximum compensation for all the damages you have endured, such as:

– Past and future lost wages and loss of earning capacity
– Past and future medical expenses
– Loss of enjoyment of life
– Past and future pain and suffering

Our law firm knows how to overcome any challenges that can be faced in these types of cases. We have the skills and legal resources to determine the drug maker’s errors and help you obtain a full financial recovery for the damages you have endured. Contact our law firm today to meet with a skilled defective-drug lawyer during a free initial consultation.

If you or someone you know in New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island (Nassau/Suffolk County), needs the assistance of experienced defective drug and product attorneys, contact Sullivan and Sullivan LLP to schedule a free consultation. The sooner you call, the higher your compensation can be.

If you or someone you love found themselves in that position, would you not want a dedicated team of legal professionals to fight as hard as they can to help you recover damages?

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Defective Drugs/Products

Defective Drugs and Products

At his pharmacy, a 57 year old man was given the wrong medication, which was mislabeled and incorrectly filled, causing him to have Grand Mal seizures.