Construction Injuries

Construction Injuries

After a serious personal injury, it is not fair to have to suffer through a legal battle as well. Sullivan and Sullivan LLP will fight for you, as we did for our client, a construction worker, who while working at a site was caused to trip and fall on masonite sheets negligently placed on the floor. This caused a left ankle fracture and several other injuries. After a legal battle, we won $275,000 on behalf of our client. Do you want a chance to receive fair compensation? Contact us immediately for a free case evaluation. We will provide a translator if you need one

If an employer refuses to provide medical services and or temporary disability benefits, you should seek the services of workers’ compensation lawyers in New York. Our lawyers will file a formal claim petition and motion for your benefits through the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Have you experienced a dispute in regards to your worker’s compensation? The feeling as if no one will understand your case is frustrating. Workers’ compensation attorneys are professionals at arguing before judges and insurance companies your case on your behalf.

Construction is one of the three most dangerous occupations in the United States today, producing thousands of debilitating injuries and wrongful deaths each year. Factors that contribute to construction accidents include workers lifting loads with worn and weathered cables, working on elevated platforms without fall protection or wearing defective safety harnesses and lanyards, and/or working in trenches with improper benching and using outdated tools and equipment. Farming and manufacturing accidents, as well as oil and gas industry accidents, can also cause serious injury and toxic exposure.

There are a number of ways for even safety-conscious workers to suffer serious injuries on construction sites. Sullivan and Sullivan LLP personal injury lawyers have seen these accidents, and we understand how to handle the legal consequences.

Common construction site accidents include:

– Scaffolding falls
– Electric shocks
– Burns
– Chemical Spills
– Explosions
– Crane accidents
– Falling materials, such as rock or brick

These accidents obviously present a significant danger to on-site workers. Many of our clients suffered serious brain injuries as a result of their construction accidents.

Toxic Exposure: Due to the tremendous growth of industry in the United States over the past fifty years, the number of dangerous, toxic substances in the environment has grown significantly. Some toxic substances are shown to cause substantial injury to people, such as lead-based paint (linked to brain damage, especially in children), asbestos (linked to lung cancer and restrictive lung disease), dry cleaning and other solvents (linked to brain damage and major organ damage), pesticides such as dioxin and DDT (linked to birth injuries) and toxic landfill waste (linked to leukemia).

Even though construction sites are, by their very nature, dangerous places to work, that doesn’t absolve your supervisors from their responsibility to keep employees safe. And it doesn’t mean you lose your right to justice should you get hurt.

Disability benefits can only support you for so long; you need the right people fighting for your workers’ compensation. Suffering from an injury or illness that is work-related is aggravating and upsetting. Worrying about income adds insult to injury. Your workers’ comp lawyer is here to put an end to your frustrations and work on your behalf.

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