Bus Accidents

Bus Accidents

If you or your loved one have been in an accident in a bus as a bus passenger or a driver, or in another vehicle involved in a bus accident, contact Sullivan and Sullivan LLP. We have extensive experience in handling bus accident cases. Your bus accident case is more than just a number; it is our top priority, and it will be handled with our experienced and aggressive style of personal injury representation.

Sullivan and Sullivan LLP fought for our client, a young man, who was injured in a bus accident caused by an intoxicated bus driver. As a result, the young man sustained injuries to the upper neck and back requiring cervical spine fusion. The company was held liable for knowingly letting the driver work while intoxicated and we won $650,000 on behalf of our client. If you want us to fight for you, contact us for a free case evaluation. We will provide a translator if you need one.

Driving a car is one thing: you are, at least, in control of the vehicle. But when you ride a bus, you are placing your life directly into the hands of the bus driver, who is likely a complete stranger. If this stranger makes a mistake, you may be seriously injured or killed. All you can do is hope that the drivers know what they are doing.

When you send your child off to school on a school bus, you are taking an even more significant leap of faith. You are entrusting your child’s safety to a strange driver, and while school buses take many safety precautions, accidents involving small children are uniquely devastating.

Fortunately, bus accidents, by and large, are not terribly common. There are a few reasons for this:

– The majority of bus drivers are properly trained. The standards for obtaining a bus driver’s license, as we will explain in more detail below, are pretty strict. The vast majority of bus drivers are good and responsible individuals who take every necessary safety precaution in protecting their passengers and other road users.
– Buses, despite appearances, are not particularly dangerous vehicles. Passengers are much higher off the ground than in most other vehicles, so they are not as vulnerable to a direct hit. And while most buses do not have seat belts, this is balanced by the phenomenon known as “compartmentalization,” which ensures that passengers are protected by the narrow spaces between seats.

Many large bus crashes and bus rollovers are caused by negligence on the part of the bus driver or bus company. Examples of these causes include:

– Driver Fatigue
– Bus Driver Inattention
– Bus Driver Error
– Aggressive Driving by the Bus Driver
– Bus Speeding
– Poor Bus Maintenance (bald tires, worn brakes, etc.)
– Bus Mechanical Failure
– Improper Hiring Practices
– Inadequate Safety Training/Policies

Unfortunately, without the help of a lawyer, victims of bus accidents aren’t prepared to deal with the large-scale defense that the bus companies will begin immediately after the accident. These bus companies will go to great lengths and spend tremendous amounts of money to protect themselves.

While you and your family are recovering from your accident, the bus company will have its team of representatives building their defense. For this reason, it is extremely important that you have a team of attorneys on your side who will go to the scene of the crash, preserve evidence, and ensure that your rights are protected.

If you or someone you know in New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island (Nassau/Suffolk County), needs the assistance of experienced bus accident attorneys, contact Sullivan and Sullivan LLP to schedule a free consultation. The sooner you call, the higher your compensation can be.