Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries

Burns can be a result of an accident or of a broad range of negligent behavior. Burns also may be caused by a number of products and materials. Our client, a 46-year-old man, had his right arm severely burned in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. The drunk driver was held liable and we won $450,000 on behalf of our client. If you would like us to fight for you, contact Sullivan and Sullivan LLP for a free case evaluation. We will provide a translator if you need one.

Fire causes injuries you would not wish on anyone. The flames and heat scorch, burn or melt everything it encounters without discrimination.

Many people find it difficult to believe that a popular fast food chain lost a court case worth millions of dollars because a woman spilled hot coffee on her at a drive-through window. But as a result of that lawsuit, coffee cups now bear the warning “Caution! Contents are hot!”

People who have suffered and survived the agony of second-, third- and even fourth-degree burns describe the pain they experienced as among the most severe of all traumatic injuries. Personal injuries involving severe burns commonly result from explosions, premises fires, defective products, motor vehicle collisions, electric shock, as well as accidental exposure to harmful chemicals and radiation.

Burns can be a result of an accident or of a broad range of negligent behavior. When burn injury results from the irresponsible or harmful behavior of a person or entity, the victim deserves compensation for the cost of medical treatment, loss of income, and physical, emotional and psychological damage.

There are many possible causes of burns including:

Car Accidents – Serious car accidents can often be a source of burn injury, due to the presence of gasoline and other flammable objects. Fires and explosions can turn a serious car accident into a deadly one very quickly. If a car accident was the fault of a negligent, drunk or otherwise distracted driver, compensation may be awarded to victims of the accident.

Chemical Burns – Chemical burns are caused when caustic chemical compounds such as acid or base come into contact with the skin. Chemical burns are often severe, with toxic chemicals quickly burning down to the bone in many cases. These injuries may be the result of an accident or an assault. Workplaces such as manufacturing plants where large amounts of caustic chemicals are used are common sites to sustain chemical burns. If safety precautions are not taken or not available, employers and business owners may be held responsible for injuries incurred.

Electrical Burns – Electrical burns are caused by either an electric shock or an uncontrolled short circuit. Extreme internal damage can be caused, including cardiac arrest, although some internal damage is not evident at the time of the incident. Some electrocutions do not produce external burns at all. Common occurrences of electrical burns are seen in the workplace or when a person is defibrillated without a conductive gel.

Scalding – Scalding occurs when a hot liquid comes into contact with the skin. Most common experiences with scalding are related to hot drinks or high-temperature bath or shower water. Scalding is frequently the cause of burns experienced by children younger than five.

If you or someone you know in New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island (Nassau/Suffolk County), needs the assistance of experienced burn injury attorneys, contact Sullivan and Sullivan LLP to schedule a free consultation. The sooner you call the higher your compensation can be.

Our burn injury lawyers handle burn injury lawsuits involving:

– Apartment building fires
– Workplace burns
– Truck accidents and tanker explosions
– Motor vehicle accidents
– Electrical cord fires
– Defective products
– Locked fire exits
– Scalding water and pipes
– Electrical accidents
– Recreational fires (in hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, nightclubs, and other such spaces)

These are just some examples of burn and fire injury claims. Burns can be caused anywhere a flammable or hot object exists.

If you or someone you love found themselves in that position, would you not want a dedicated team of legal professionals to fight as hard as they can to help you recover damages?